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  • “Live a simple life; you will own the most beautiful treasures of the world!”

    -- Mehmet Murat ildan


    Rusty Prospecting & Dusty Carpentry

    A Story of Alberta Barns 

    Barns Salvaged Photo Postcards with Stories 

    Alberta littered with Barns the backdrops for the stories of long ago when dealing with a piece of our history, we capture it with a Photo Postcard Story before it's lost forever.


    However many are rotting, falling down and are being demolished faster than anyone can reclaim them, but the wood we reclaim is from Alberta’s own old growth forests: huge trees that grew slowly, undisturbed for more than a century. Since our wood has been drying in the sun and the wind for anywhere to 60 to 80 years it is extremely stable, tight-grained and clear, the old wood has few knots from branches.


    Visiting many old homesteads as farm buildings are carefully taken apart each rusty nail removed as to not split valuable beams, to recover the raw materials from an era of humble traditional construction and design. Many of these buildings were erected in 1900's when Alberta surrounding were settled.

    We are honoured to be able to share the Barn stories and the beauty of farm life across Alberta.

    Building Custom Furniture.

    One Piece At A Time

    Working with reclaimed wood, architectural salvage and other materials that would otherwise be destined for destruction burnt or discarded to a landfill, is one of the most rewarding parts of the process in making our furniture.


    The Custom Furniture can entail more than just the old reclaimed wood from a Barn but prospecting we find great window panes, doors and hardware and many antiques farm things.


    We work with both types of clients; ones who are creative and have the style or ideas in mind or uninspired clients mind, until they see our pieces, they never envisioned the way old reclaimed woods could be used before.

    Old But New Again.

    Taking The Best Of The Wild West 

    Taking and creating something New from Old has limitless possibilities.


    With the mix of new materials such as; Metal, Glass, and Concrete used to repurpose the old materials our designs become very appealing to people looking for the character and warmth of antique wood that will never every lose its value in our modern everyday home living.


    An Old Door can become New Bed Headboards, Old Window Panes become New Wall Art with Sentimental Family Photos, and Old Barn Wood becomes New Dining Tables with Chrome Metal Table Legs.


    "Sky the limit...actually the Barns have no limit"- Wayne

    Interior Designers & Decorators

    Referral Queens Designs- Bedroom Designs for Home Staging

    Enjoyed partnering to create some beautiful living spaces to enhance peoples lives. Giving inspiration and serenity in their day to day lives through an urban country looks, with modern elements and the charm of reclaimed barn wood.


    Jennifer Lee, understands the value and importance of connections with Dust Behind the Harrows, and we are both very happy to work together providing unique pieces for customers. Bringing genuine emotions by the visual surrounding for anyone especially with the home sellers and home buyers.

    It all has great impact to be in a well designed space and she strives to exceed expectations into WOW FACTOR!


    www.referralqueensdesigns.com - Click to view her website

  • About Wayne - Rusty Prospector & Dusty Carpenter

    Not Just Finding Old Barns and Woodworking ...

    Let the Sparks Fly.

    As an Industrial Fabricator Welder for over 25 years, Welding is not just a passion of mine. It's a way of life.


    Growing up on a farm I had the ability to appreciate a childhood with simple things and grow the hard work ethic. Solving problems and building what was needed out of what you had to work with.


    As a Farmer of over 40 years learning from the heart of my Family History. Carpentry & Prospecting has come naturally since they blend well into the all the skills acquired in my journey. Satisfying the creative mind, spirit and soul is to create things my clients and fans will be sharing with others proudly.


    Looking forward to creating together new unique ideas!



    Where did Dust Behind the Harrows come from?

    What is a Harrow?


    Harrows are the primary implements used to break up dirt clods, fill in holes, and generally level the ground after it has been broken by a turning plow. One of the earlier approaches to harrowing, and one that survived on a limited scalethrough many centuries, was merely to drag a tree limb with plenty of branches on it over the ground.


    "Dust Behind the Harrows" is a beloved famous Western Prairie Polka Song. - performed by JOHNNY BILYK AND THE SERENADORS.


    What is Dust Behind the Harrows?


    It would be the dust that is kick up when farmers are plowing fields, harrowing. explained "And sometimes eating dust. Yup, I drug my harrow around the hayfield. Around and around over bumpy ground." 


    But real true story I made a homemade drink that we cleverly nicknamed after the song, "Dust Behind the Harrows" this name had great significants in it's humour for when drank by anyone it tasted the way it sounded, dusty dreadful!!

    *Given to test someones trust and daring when they were met for the first time.